Alkaline and Acid Foods - What is the Difference?

Alkaline and Acid Foods - What is the Difference

What About Alkaline and Acid Foods?

Should we eat more Alkaline or Acid Foods? Alkaline foods produce an alkaline ph in our system. These tend to be whole unprocessed foods. They should be around 75-80% of our diet. Here is a list of Alkaline Foods.

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Watch this video to understand the difference between alkaline and acid foods.

Acid foods can produce an acid ph in our bodies. They should only be about 20-25% of our diet. Here is a list of Acid Foods. It has been said that an acid ph is an excellent environment for disease growth. Many researchers will tell you that an acid ph is an excellent environment for cancer to grow in. Diabetes is also produced by an acid diet.

Did you know that our blood ph must stay within a very narrow range or serious illness and death can result? Our body’s internal system needs a ph just above 7.0. Preferably our ph is slightly alkaline at 7.4. Our bodies immune systems and repair mechanisms are designed to operate in this range.

Alkaline foods are usually Low Glycemic Foods. Many of these are the green foods. Alkaline foods usually are whole foods complete with their natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Eating an acid forming diet automatically sets you up for health problems. An acid system may be the cause of bone loss, as in osteoporosis. Prolonged acid food intake may cause a host of other health problems like diabetes, impaired immune system, cardiovascular damage, obesity and premature aging.

Did you miss this class in school? I did too! I don’t think our schools are teaching students about the necessity of an alkaline diet. We live in a time of over processed, fast food. This means, we tend to be more acidic than we should be. To be well requires our awareness, and a willingness to change. High stress is another acid producing factor of our today’s world.

What are Acid Foods?

They are the foods that produce an acid ph in our system. Today millions of Americans may get up, grab a cup of coffee and a sugar laden danish, as they head to work. They have a false sense that they ate breakfast. What they didn’t think about was: Both items were acid producing. After breakfast, a stop for an acid produce cigarette. Talk about setting up your body for failure.

That breakfast danish started as a whole grain. The good fibers were moved that regulated a slow release of sugars were removed in the milling process. It was bleached for whiteness. Synthetic vitamins were added, as the package says it was enriched. Yeasts, sugars and other items were added. It was topped with a sugared up fruit compote and a sugar crust which made it more lethal.

These acid foods also seem to be the same foods that make you fat. Many times these foods started out as, not so bad, but through intense processing they became foods to avoid.

As stated above acid foods do comprise about 20% of our diet. There are many foods that are naturally acid that are meant to be a part of our diets. They are just a minor part of them. We justify our poor diets by saying we were in a hurry. Mom is in a hurry so she stops at a drive through like McDonalds or Burger King. Now breakfast or lunch is an acid feast. This accelerates our societies rush to illness.

Is it any wonder our children are obese. Their immunity is weakened. They become diabetic 30 years earlier than just 15-20 years ago. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes as it usually occurred in 45 to 50 year olds. They were reaping a harvest of years of sowing bad eating habits. The accumulated effects are diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and gout and a host of other diseases. Talk about our doctor’s having job security.

Do you remember the old proverbs like: An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Certainly eating more fruits and vegetables would cause all of us to be more healthy.

Now that you are aware of the difference between Alkaline or Acid Foods scroll back up and check out our lists of alkaline and acid foods.

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