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Kathy and Darryl

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Thanks for stopping by my site. I am Darryl Van Kirk and I live in Sarasota, Fl.

My wife Kathy and I grew up in Kansas. We came to Florida to do a trade show in November of 1984 and asked ourselves what are we doing in Kansas? That was a no more cold winters decision.

We’ve have been married for 35 years. Fortunately, most of them happily. That’s because she is a tolerant woman. We have 4 grown daughters, 6 grandchildren and 1 dog at present.

I am a diabetic. I had put up a free site about diabetes 2 years ago as I started writing about the disease and my experiences with diabetes. You can read

my diabetic story here. In late 2008 I started working on this web site.

If you would like to share some of your diabetic stories we will have places for you to do so on this web site, soon.

I feel it is important to comment on my philosophy as I have have built this web site. As I am human I can and will make mistakes. Once I find them I’ll do my best to correct them.

Some will agree and some will disagree with my comments about diabetes. Certainly many doctors will disagree with me but some will agree. As we gain new light or knowledge about diabetes this site will receive those updates. There are many diabetes myths circulating on the internet and through the minds of diabetics. We’ll do our best to dispel these myths.

I will only recommend products that I believe in on this site. If I cannot recommend it then it will not be recommended here. I do not subscribe to the get rich quick philosophies prevalent on the internet today.

Some of my pages may have Google adsense ads on them. We have no control over which ads are shown.

Please read my Site Disclaimer. As my disclaimer states I am not a doctor and my comments are not approved or endorsed by any government agency.

If you need to reach me use the contact me button to do so.

Below is Turtle Beach one of Kathy and I’s favorite places in Sarasota.

When you live near the Gulf of Mexico this becomes a favorite sight.

Getting Away on Tampa Bay

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